Best Online Image Compression & Screen Capturing Tools

online image compression screen capturing tools

Every website needs an optimized & attractive design, whether it is related to blogging or online shopping. The first wish of all website owners is to make their website visitors more attached to the website. Thatswhy a healthy user-experience is the must for it.
But don’t know how to achieve it? Don’t worry! We have compiled the list of online image optimizer & screen capturing tools for your website. All the listed tools used by well-known websites & provides great service. Let’s have a look!

Screen capturing tools

Screenshots are the most popular way to share anything that you have found while browsing any website, checking social media sites feeds, or receive any interesting thing on your screen. Nowadays, website owners use the screenshot tool to make their work easier. They use the screenshot tools to provide a deep explanation for the specific things with graphical representation on the website. We shared the popular screenshots tools that will make your work easier.


1. Lightshot

Lightshot is the quickest way to take a screenshot in a customized way. It is compatible with Mac and Windows system. The tool can apply to Chrome, Firefox, IE, & Opera. Just select the required area on your desktop and capture the screenshot. The tool provides you a clear user interface that makes your work easier and faster. You can upload it to the server & get the short link to share immediately after taking the screenshot. You can apply quick changes with its powerful editor. It will allow you to find similar images too.


2. Nimbus

Nimbus is a popular tool for capturing videos & images from webpages. It will allow you to record the video your entire desktop or browser tabs. Also, you can create videos using your webcam. You can capture the whole screen or partial screenshots. The tool is very user-friendly & save your time from writing by creating visual media. It will make communication easier. You can access your taken screenshots & videos from any devices. It provides an easy interface to edit your screenshots. You can make your videos secure with password protection. Nimbus allows you to upload your documents on Nimbus notes, Google drive, Youtube, Dropbox, & slack.


3. Awesome

Awesome is the screen capture tool with cool ratings. It has over 2 million users on Chrome! It will allow taking the full page screenshot with longer loading. You can edit your screenshots by adding notes & remarks. There are other customizations tools like blur selected parts of the image, crop, coloring, etc. You can copy and paste the screenshot to Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, etc. This feature supports Windows and Linux. The captured images saved on local space or Google drive.


4. Picpick

PicPick is a free screen capture and image editor tool. It provides an easier way to manage your images. The tool provides simple image editing tasks like brightness changes, color-contrast adjustment, grayscale, blur, pixelate, and other special effects. It will allow you to capture the image on your monitor in different ways like full screen, active window, user-defined area, etc. The other outstanding features are picked a specific color on your screen, magnify something, or “draw” on your screen by using a virtual whiteboard.


5. Screenpresso

Screenpresso is the best screenshot tool that helps you to capture your desktop screen for the practice documents, collaborative plan work, bug reports, etc. It provides you, feature-rich image editor. It captures the screenshot in various modes such as full screen, user-defined area, scrolling window capture, etc. The tool will help you to highlights and edits the captured images with arrows, colorful bubbles, text boxes, ellipses, etc. You can get the history of all captures images. You can save the captured images into your required format like PDF, Microsoft Word, or HTML document using a document generator. 

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Online image compression tools

Image optimization is the best way to make your website load faster. The more your images are large, the more they take time to load. So to get rid of this situation, online image optimizer tools are very helpful. They will optimize the images without any quality loss. Don’t get your website visitors more waiting & start using these online image optimizer tools now.


1. Image-recycle

Image recycle
Imagerecycle is the best online image compression tool. The tool is available in the form of a WordPress plugin also. There are various image file types supported like jpg, png, GIF, & pdf files.
All plans support multiple websites. You can restore the files for one month. You can compress all images with one click. It will reduce the website’s page weight by 80%. The tool launches a full image optimization process in the background. You will get notified via email.


2. Optimizilla

Optimizilla is the perfect tool optimization. It will use lossy compression algorithms to shrink JPEG and PNG images to the minimum possible size while keeping quality. You can upload up to 20 images for optimization. It allows you to select the compression level of each file separately. The tool uses the slider to control the compression level. You can compare images to check the quality of images after the compression. 


3. Tinypng

Tinypng is the one more popular image compression service. It supports png and jpeg file types. It uses smart lossy compression techniques. You can allow optimizing animated png too. You can compress up to 20 images in a single time. There is an image resize feature available in the tool. Its smart cropping technique creates image thumbnails with various aspect ratios. You can use a single API for multiple websites. The tool uses less bandwidth and loads faster. The images compressed by tinypng requires a few bytes to store.


4. helps you to optimize images without quality loss. The tool supports four image formats like jpeg, png, gif, & SVG. You can choose between “lossy” or “lossless” compression before uploading your file. It provides high compression that will save your hundreds of kb. You can save the file locally, or you can upload it to cloud accounts like Dropbox or Google Drive after the compression process.


5. Kraken
Kraken is a robust & ultra-fast image optimization tool. You can do the compression using lossy or lossless techniques. It is available in the form of a WordPress plugin too. The tool helps you to saves bandwidth and storage space. You can optimize images from any URL or page cruncher options in the pro version. All background images optimized using this tool. You can download the photos one at a time or in a .zip format after compression. 


Final words

We have done it! So, this is the list of best online image optimizer & screen capturing tools. Use them & let us know which one you found most useful. If you are using any other tool on your website, then let us know in the comment box!

We are eagerly waiting to hear from you!

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