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Blog Design Trends
The internet space is big enough for everyone. However, the competition to rank top on the search engine pages is too hot for some sites to keep up with. For the longest time, people have believed that content is king for any authority blog. While this is true, content alone
Best WordPress Archive Plugins
The Archive plugin makes the navigation of the website smoother for the visitors. It also showcases old posts, so users can easily search the blog post. The archive makes the work easy for both visitors and the website admins. Additionally, this plugin helps you to increase the ranking of the
Key Features of Blogs
Some people refer to a blog as an online journal, and others refer to it as an informational website where they can access all the needed information. A blog is a simple way of engaging online users and a place where people share their thoughts and opinions. But, nowadays key
speed up WordPress blog
For providing a better user experience the website speed is the key factor. Approximately 47% of visitors expect that the web page should load in 2 seconds or less than that. As well as, the faster website loads the higher it ranks on the search engine results. The 1-second delay
Post Slider Plugins For WordPress
A slider is an important element for any kind of WordPress website. It will help you to make your website more attractive and engaging with your visitor’s attention. But, there are a number of WordPress Post slider plugins available online. So, it is a little bit difficult to choose the

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