Best WordPress Archive Page Plugins To Showcase Archives

Best WordPress Archive Plugins

The Archive plugin makes the navigation of the website smoother for the visitors. It also showcases old posts, so users can easily search the blog post. The archive makes the work easy for both visitors and the website admins. Additionally, this plugin helps you to increase the ranking of the blog on the search engine. Here, in this article, we will explain the best WordPress archive plugins that can be used to create archive web pages on the website.

So, let’s take a look at the best plugins and see among these best WordPress archive plugins which one will perfectly suit your website.

1. Annual Archive

Annual Archive is a great and powerful WordPress plugin that enhances the default WordPress archive short-code and the sidebar widget. Archives can be listed daily, weekly, monthly, as well as annually. In addition to this, lists can be gathered by decade and filtered by post type.

Furthermore, a complete listing of shortcode options attributes demos are available with the free community support. The archive lists can be placed nearly anywhere using the contained shortcode or the easy to use sidebar widget. The Annual Archive is translation ready so you can use it into any language according to your requirement.

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2. Custom Post Type Date Archives

Custom Post Type Date Archives is an amazing WordPress plugin that also provides widgets and editor blocks to showcase archives, calendars, and recent posts. You can also use this plugin as a super simple events calendar.

WordPress does not support date archives for custom post types out of the box. But, this plugin inserts the rewrite rules required to view the data archives at a permalink.

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3. Blog Designer PRO – WordPress Blog Layout Plugin

Blog Designer Pro is an amazing blog layout WordPress plugin that permits you to design or alter blog pages as well as single-page layouts. This plugin has a unique 50 high-impact blog templates that are the key feature of the Pro version. This plugin is a total solution for your websites to attract more visitors to your blog page. It is fully compatible with any device to show your eye-catching archive and blog pages.

This Blog Designer Pro plugin helps you to design your blog layout as per your need. Also, you can quickly alter several settings from the admin panel. Most importantly, this WordPress blog page plugin is really easy to integrate using shortcodes.

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4. Expanding Archives

The Expanding Archives WordPress plugin inserts a widget that displays your old posts in an expandable or collapsible format. This plugin comes with minimal CSS styling so you can smoothly customize to match your website design. In this plugin all the posts are categorized under its year and month, so you can bolster all the posts in a given month and year.

This plugin uses Font Awesome icons in a few places, so having that installed is recommended. However, the widgets still function well without it.

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5. Simple Yearly Archive

The Simple Yearly Archive is a simple and amazing WordPress plugin that permits you to showcase your archives in the year-based list. This amazing WordPress plugin works generally like the usual WP archive, but displays all published posts divided by their year of publication.

Moreover, this plugin includes various languages like English, German, Russian, French, and many more.

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6. Smart Archive Page Remove

The Smart Archive Page Remove WordPress plugin permits you to remove Archive Pages automatically created by WordPress. This plugin adds an item ‘Archive Pages’ in the ‘Settings’ section on the Admin side. In this, you can select which Archive Pages you need to remove. However, Removed Archive Pages are no longer accessible. And, it will showcase a 404(“page not found error”) on your website. But, they can be restored anytime.

Most importantly, this plugin also hides usernames in author pages URLs to increase your website security.

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7. Disable Author Archives

The Disable Author Archive is a lightweight and wonderful WordPress plugin that helps you to completely disable author archives or web pages. And, then it will display the webserver return status code 404 (Web Page Not Found) error. In addition to this, related links will also be either completely removed or disabled.

This plugin does not need any kind of configuration. Once the plugin is activated, it will start to do its job.

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8. Custom Archive Titles

The Custom Archive Titles is a powerful WordPress plugin that permits you to alter the default texts of archive titles on your website.

In this plugin, you can set custom titles on various archives such as Category Archives – Category: %s, Tag Archives – Tag: %s, Author Archives – Author: %s, Yearly Archives – Year: %s, and many more. Additionally, your theme has to use the_archive_title() for showing archive titles.

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Final Thought!

All and all, we have explained the best WordPress archive plugins here. If you have several posts on your blog and you don’t have an archive page, we highly recommend you add at least one. It is also a great way to gain more traffic towards all your posts.

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