How to Make Time for Blogging?

How to Make Time for Blogging

You may have started with all the motivation and zeal to start your blog, and you might also have thought of all sorts of topics you could deliver but then reality strikes.

You are having a hard time finding time to blog.

blogging time management

This is one of the main reasons why many bloggers stay in the starting phase of their career.

Most of us can relate to being late or out of time. The world has changed and is changing with a rate which is seriously hard to keep up with. In this situation, if you are looking for changing yourself for a purpose, then managing your time is highly commendable.

Most people struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle with their current job. When it comes to bloggers who have to allocate a reasonable amount of time in their blogs, chaos is sure to be seen.

Blogging should be treated the same as a business or start-up. Many beginners don’t agree to this and give up on the initial building stage of a blog. They cannot give time to something which takes time to show its true colors.

This is why time management is very important for bloggers.

Let us look into some time management tips for bloggers, the tactics and habits which will greatly ensure your success, and you can manage time to blog more efficiently.

1. Look through your day

Your day may be very hectic and full of activities still you have to start finding chunks of time which are being wasted. 

We usually lose small chunks of time throughout the day without even realizing it.

Sit and chalk out the day in vivid detail, trust me you will genuinely find this activity a boon if done correctly.

Most people find procrastination as their main enemy in losing time. You must find these guilty pleasures of the day and eliminate them. Your ultimate goal is to manage time to be a better blogger.

We have all been in situations where we get stuck in a loop of Youtube videos or Instagram posts. All these were made to attract you, don’t feel bad, feel the need and zeal to change for the sake of your blog.

You could try to reduce wastage of time by simply being more aware at all times.


2. Mine for time

Assuming you have analyzed your day and have started your day with the right attitude, you can now start your journey as seriously as possible.

You now hold the best piece of tech, your smartphone, to jot down anything which may help you afterward.

User friendly interface

Make it a habit to avoid wasting time while waiting for the bus. Instead, use that to come up with the titles or headlines for your blog. When inspiration strikes, you could be anywhere, so why stop the inspiration, let it come out and use your phone to keep track of all the ideas.

A light level of brainstorming is always healthy. Do your best in searching every part of your brain and coming up with ideas.

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Even if you have only been able to write catchy headlines, it can be safely said that you have used that time in the best way possible.


3. Look up keywords beforehand

A good blog needs keywords, and some people take longer than usual to realize this crucial detail.

Most people waste their most productive time of the day in finding keywords. This is ok in the sense of being efficient, but that creative brain of yours needs to show its capabilities through your writing, so utilize the other pockets of time in finding keywords for your blogs.

Keywords are technical, you could use several tools to derive them regarding your topic.

Always search for keywords for the next topic and if it is possible, search for keywords in bulk for future blogs, this will save time as when you sit down to write you can focus on writing and nothing else.


4. Make a habit of being a few steps ahead

Did you ever witness a day where you handled the rent, taxes, laundry, work, and managed to reach your friend’s birthday? You might have felt omnipotent.

This right here is the power of planning ahead of time.

Allocating specific time and effort to each task will yield you tremendous results. You already know your routine, and it usually does not deviate much so utilize the small pockets of time which you mined earlier.

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“First, I will get the keywords while waiting for my carpool then during lunch, I need 11 titles for the reasons for malnutrition. For the rest of the day, I can keep thinking of key points to write in each title.”

This must be the attitude and thought-process of a blogger.

Be ahead of what you want to do. Do not think you will start writing after you reach home, this is a terrible idea, you will just waste a lot of time thinking over your blog, and you know it.


5. Search Media in Bulk

You already have the topics in your mind now you will require images, video, and other media content to make your blog alluring, so why leave that work for the end?

Always complete any task related to blogging in chunks. The same goes for media content. Make it a habit to search for any media while you can see in your small daily intervals.

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Sometimes an image can inspire you and bring out the title ideas or sub-points for the content. A video may become a strong point of your blog and thus bring a lot of content.

Take your time finding media content for 3 or more blog topics it will most probably turn your stress down as you have not left that part for the last. This is a very good time management tip to be a better blogger.


6. Discuss your ideas

When you hang out with your friends and families, try to discuss some topics which may be open for discussions.

It does not have to be a deep well thought out the discussion with a debate sort of environment. Just keep it casual, don’t think that you need to get something out of them, just have tea and start a conversation.

Most probably you may not have an idea or topic ready then there comes the part of improvisation. Lead the conversation to something which you enjoy writing about.

Incorporate the skill of blogging into your life, and time management for blogging will become much easier and more efficient for you without much stress.

The outlook you will get through this method is amazing. The diverse mentality of all will inspire you and save your time as you will just put it all into words as soon as you start writing.


 7. Decide Goals & Act on Them

There was and has been no blogger who has succeeded without constantly fulfilling his/her goals. 

Make reasonable goals like completing a specific blog within 2 days or publish 3-4 blogs in a week.

Be sure to set them such that the goals seem challenging yet accomplishable. Have weekly, monthly, and yearly goals and the most important of all is to always keep checking your progress towards completing these goals.

Give yourself deadlines, so you don’t slack behind. The more you push yourself to complete within the deadline, the more efficient you will get with your time management to write blogs.


8. Work in Comfortable & Uninterruptible Work Environment

It is a common notion that a person can concentrate on only one thing, and when distractions occur, they decrease your efficiency, thus making you lose time.

time management for bloggers

You cannot watch a match or chat with your buddies while blogging, and even if you do, just try to read and see for yourself what a mess you would have written.

To overcome this, you must be in a quiet, calm area that would not take away your focus. A work environment should be something that inspires you and makes you feel energetic while writing.

A coffee shop, a garden, a library, or a calm room in your home, all these will bring out motivation or will let you stay in your mind to push out creative content.

Keep your smartphone aside, it is one of the most time-consuming habits. This sounds exactly like a lecture from your elderly, doesn’t it? But hear it out.

A person checks his/her phone 47 times a day. This is alarming, just assume that it is at least 2 minutes per checking (which is low) and deducting actual useful time on phones. Still, you could waste 30 minutes with nothing important to do on the phone.


9. Choose the Best Time to Write

You can write anytime, but using the day to build a strong base and resource for writing then writing when you are at your most creative and productive mode is a better option.

Use that time to write as much as you can, and if that time is during job hours, then follow the earlier tips and focus on finding headlines, topics for your blog posts.

Weekends are the most popular blog publishing days of the week. This also means that these are the most popular days for readers to read the blogs.

Utilize the weekends as you would have so much more time to write with no interruptions from work. Make sure to post at least one blog on the weekends.

You will surely be able to save much more time than your usual when you start scheduling your writing depending on the hour of the day or day of the week.


10. Be consistent

Have you ever been in a scenario where you skipped class of any type, and then you feel like skipping another one, and then the loop goes on, and it becomes even harder the next day to bring yourself to follow the same routine again? Yup, that is exactly why you are needed to be consistent.

Our brain is wired to be lazy, and the initial loss by skipping a class or not writing a blog seems so minimal that we don’t even give a second thought to it and break our cycle.

Be consistent while blogging

Although it seems harmless, the toll it takes on your blog is huge, especially in the initial stages of the blog when your blog needs you like a toddler needs its parents. Constant attention to your blog is a must, and diligence must be shown while working.

When you are consistent, your readers start trusting your authenticity. They will also get a good understanding of your publishing time and rhythm, which will help you to spread the blog in no time.

Blogging is very time consuming, and the traffic is only seen after the constant efforts of a couple of months. So, try to incorporate the consistency and rhythm of blogging into your life, it will just save you time and hassle.


11. Allocate Time to Your Social Media Promotion

All bloggers must share their blogs on all platforms. This is a thumb rule, no ifs or buts allowed. This will only widen your blog’s reach to several readers.

You need to make time to blog, but to promote it is an even greater element to keep in mind or all that effort goes to waste.

It is recommended to share it on social media as soon as you publish it, so this goes along with your finalizing and publishing, which is the final process of your routine.

Promoting will help in yielding most responses from readers in a short amount of time. Moreover, when you’ll have a dedicated time for social media, you will not miss out on your SMM activities.


12. You Brood Over Analytics

This is a mistake even avid writers make. The stats are important, they are what drives writers to write, stats are the currency in the world of blogging. More traffic means your content has value, but what good will it do if you brood over numbers all day and waste precious time?

how to manage time for blogging

You can read all the books on how to increase traffic and how to write good content and then even write one good blog, but it will be useless if you start to lose the zeal each day little-by-little.

Instead, focus on your work forget about the stats the traffic is on its way, you just need to be well prepared to handle it.


13. Respond to Reader’s Comments

Every task which maintains your relation with your audience is as important as writing blogs itself, so interact with the viewers and respond accordingly.

Comment on blogs is a crucial factor in making a blogging boom. It helps in maintaining a healthy community, readers feel the need to interact, react, and discuss with other readers. Some just read the comments and understand that this will be the culture throughout all the blogs which impress them even more.

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Responding does not have to be a daily task, just a routine task which will ensure your reader base, their discussions could point you towards some good feedback to help you for the next title or any other follow up blog to the current one.


14. Take care of yourself

It seems like a normal thing to say. Right? “I am here to get work done on time and not rest and relax.” Just listen to yourself, you sound too stressed already, and you might have been pushing yourself too much.

time and relax for bloggers

If the obvious isn’t clear, this is not right. Constantly battling with job and blogging can be very harmful to your physical and mental health. If unchecked, you will waste more time than you would have saved, following all the tips for time management to write blogs.

A healthy body and mind can achieve almost anything, and the opposite of this also holds true. You will burnout, and your content will suffer because of your inability to comprehend your situation.

Only take tasks which you can do while maintaining a healthy lifestyle and never let the quality of your blog to decline.

Conclusive Statement

Blogging is a very challenging job. You are your own boss as well as the employee. There are no deadlines, yet you need to set them for yourself. The working hours are lenient yet strict at the same time. The off-days are up to you to decide.

So many restrictions, yet you are free to do whatever you want to do. A blog requires as much attention as your work and sometimes, even more, it is like a business. You must keep working to pay the bills but have to work twice as much to gain something new.

Time management for blogging is a task in itself, and it will take time to get used to the concept of it all. The habit of being punctual and changing many things about yourself is not an easy task.

The barrage of viewing Instagram posts and Youtube videos must end. The relax and easy-going attitude must change. The reason you are reading this is that you have set a goal in your mind, and you need it so much so that all these aforementioned conditions seem reasonable.

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Let me know which tip you liked the most and which one would you be incorporating next by commenting down below. If you found this useful, do share it!

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