How to Make Blogging Fun?

How To Make Blogging Fun

Being a blogger has its own challenges, sometimes you are enthusiastic and feel like you can write a book, and sometimes it is just another cumbersome task to get it over with.

These fluctuations have been there not only for bloggers but also in other professions. For example, a musician may feel like composing a whole album, and after a few days, he may be left with no imagination or zeal to make music at all.

make blogging more fun

The thing is, blogging is a task that requires hard work and consistency. In the long run, this hard work and seriousness can wear out any person who wants to make a career in blogging and enjoy it at the same time.

If you too are facing a drag in your blogging journey, it does not mean it is going to last forever. In fact, if you are willing, you can make blogging fun just by making minor alterations in your lifestyle.

In this article, we will see how you can improve your blogging and make it more fun by making minor changes in your daily schedule.

Let’s have a look!


1. Learn Something New

Working on a single topic sometimes can be the cause of boredom. It can be exciting at first, but after some time, writers usually gets bored by reading and writing the same content.

A topic can be immensely vast, with many sub-subjects that can be covered under the subject, but the constant research and coming up with ideas on the topic becomes monotonous to the writer.

Your readers are also affected by this as they might start to feel like the content is losing its edge. This is pretty common, but most importantly, it can be rectified.

learning new things for fun

You should start reading or listening to or viewing new topics. This will break the usual thinking system and help you enjoy writing again.

The new topic can be anything that you enjoy, or it can be a unique thing to start new interest in your life.

A new interest can be anything from learning about:

  •     A Country’s Economic Status
  •     A New Trend
  •     A New Technological Advancement
  •     A Sci-fi Book
  •     A Famous Novel
  •     Places to Visit During Summer
  •     Management
  •     Upcoming Festivals
  •     New Trending TV Series, etc.

Each new interest can freshen-up your brain and can be used to benefit your niche. The more you indulge in other aspects of life, the more you will feel that many elements are in a way connected.

If you are a travel blogger, a new trending place on social media can give you ideas to write about.

A subscription to a science journal could help you in being one of the few bloggers who include new pieces of information, in the blog, for your readers.

You can get inspiration from some other content and include your new perspective on your blog.


2. Use Different Mediums to Convey Content

The written content is a very popular means of conveying thoughts, ideas, and information to others. Readers are increasing, and the content is being shared with a vast audience.

Many people enjoy reading as well as listening. Some are only interested in watching. If you want to maximize your reach, you need to be available on every platform possible.

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You can add another medium and start your podcast or a vlog channel. This will be a good change in your usual pace, and you could repurpose your blogs for these mediums.

podcast for blogging

You as well as your readers will have something new to look for when you invest in starting a new podcast.

It will be like a challenge for you and remember how you should learn new things, this could be the new thing you learn for defeating your usual monotonous schedule which you are trying to break free of.

Who knows, maybe you could make a beginner’s guide on how to start a podcast or how to make a video.

This will help you become a diverse content creator, and you may even start to generate some extra income from the other platforms.


3. Interact with the Audience

The readers are, of course, your most valuable asset. Taking care of them is a must, but your audience also takes care of you, in-a-way.

Connecting with the audience is very essential, and their feedback is even better. The readers start to build a bond with the creator, this way, you can be sure that you will have a specific number of people who read your blog regularly.

interact with audience for fun

This creates a sense of pride and happiness within you. Your work is being praised, talked about, your words impacted someone’s life, and your suggestions helped others in solving their problems.

A simple comment can change how you look at your blog. You may be pleased about what you wrote, but someone could tell you how much it helped him and your whole perspective changes.

The audience gives its feedback telling you how one of your points is amazing, and the other point is the wrong statement. It helps to make your blog feel vibrant.

The audience makes your blog alive and dynamic.

Just like a boss praises his employees for boosting their morale in the same manner, your readers boost your morale, which pushes you to generate more quality content.

Use this, and you will surely feel a change in your attitude towards your blog. You will get a sense of responsibility for your audience.

If you can maintain the community around your blog, it will become a boon for your blog, the community will help you get more traffic, revenue, and most importantly, acknowledgment for your hard work.


4. Change Workplace Setting

Everyone has their favorite place to work. Many writers prefer a calm and quiet place to write and have the same type of set-up in their homes.

You may already be relating to your work-place while reading this.

Sometimes the same working environment becomes a root of boredom for you. It starts to lose its effect, and you start to write uninspired, bland content.

make blogging fun

This probably has been a problem for most bloggers.

To deal with this, change the setting of your work station. Change the design of the room, move the desk to another angle of the room. Implement everything that will make you see your workplace from a different perspective.

This will ensure that you feel enthusiastic and inspired to write some new content.

Going somewhere outside like a park, a cafe, a library will also act as a catalyst to your inspiration.

Make sure the set-up has no distracting elements as it can limit your efficiency and break your inspired mind-set. It will simply take away the fun and excitement of making content. If you are watching a movie you would not want an ad to pop-up, it disturbs your focus.


5. Switch to Different Tools and Equipment for Blogging

You may be using a variety of equipment and tools for writing your blogs. Sometimes we get bored with the same interface of the tools or the same desktop or keyboard. This seems like a petty issue, but whatever adds to the monotonous routine, we should try to change that to yield better results.

In a nutshell, you need to break the monotonous schedule, which might be making most of your time mediocre.

make blogging fun

In the case of tools, it will be much more helpful for you as you will not only be working with a new tool but will be learning that tool as well. You will have an alternative for your usual tool, and the more you invest time in learning new software, the more you learn about what are the pros and cons of that tool.

You might get an advantage over others as some tasks may be suitable for some tools, and other tools could handle some other tasks.

It is not advisable that you buy new equipment just to kill your boredom, but you can switch to a better laptop or a microphone if that helps you in improving your blogging productivity as well.

Think of what makes the best investment in the long run rather than adding unnecessary expenses in your list just to kill boredom.


6. Develop Your Weaker Areas

Sometimes you are required to write on something you are having difficulties with. The content may be something which you want to help your readers with, but still, it might just not be possible for you.

As your blog grows, so does you and it can be reflected by experimenting with other niches that are similar to or complementing your original niche.

For instance, you could be great with coming up with good headings and content for your blog, it may come naturally to you, but you are struggling in search engine optimization, this is a vast topic, and it complements with what you offer in your content.

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working on weaker areas for blogging

If you could improve on this, your niche will grow and so will your audience. Most importantly, you will have something more to think about when coming up with ideas for a blog.

This process of continually improving on your weak topics will only give you a challenge which, when overcome, will benefit you greatly.

No topic is small enough, just use your imagination to think outside the box.


7. Bring in a Guest Writer

The unique thing about blogging is that it varies from person to person. One might write the same topic in a different light and open new possibilities.

This is why it is a good idea to feature a guest writer. He may help you break the boredom and make it fun for you to write again.

You may get inspiration from him and start to write with the same enthusiasm as when you first started as a blogger.

guest blog writing

You could also get help from bloggers of other niches like in our previous example, a blogger with SEO niche could be a guest writer.

This way, the process of learning something new will come easy to you, with an expert to help you out.

The guest writer may also be having an audience of his own, and they will probably want to visit your site and read his work. This will introduce you to a new type of audience who have no idea of your work.

Again you get the chance to please the new visitors, and when successfully done, they will want to follow your blog.


8. Organize your Day and Work

Unorganized bloggers usually get bored very often due to lack of preparation for the day.

The timing and systematic planning are very important aspects of blogging. If you find yourself thinking for a long time and deciding on what to do, you are sure to become tired before doing anything productive.

make blogging fun

You will start to lose interest in whatever you are doing, and thus, the mindset required to write will be gone.

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Set a time to write when you are most productive or most energetic and continue to follow that schedule. The publishing should also be consistent as a sense of responsibility will keep your mind free of boredom, and you will always have something to look forward to.


9. Reform your Goals

You might have made some goals at the start of your blog journey and may also have diligently followed the same, but for some reason, you must re-evaluate them.

Your goals set were good for your earlier self, but now they are easy to achieve. The reason a goal is set is to keep us in check, all the time. Goals can be daily, monthly, or yearly and can contain tasks or projects.

The challenge factor must always be there when a goal is set, if an easy task is set as a goal, you will get bored easily.

goal setting for bloggers

Keep a habit of analyzing your writing habits and your schedule, if you find that you complete your goals efficiently, even after procrastinating, then you should start setting up more competitive goals which will push you to do better.

Take notes from other bloggers who have already done this and keep experimenting with your goals and deadlines until you find the optimum balance.


10. Make an Idea Notebook

Blogging should be a fun activity; if it continually becomes a task for you, then you are probably doing something wrong. You must feel enthusiastic about your topic and research about it should feel fun and exciting.

Based on this concept, you should always be ready to put every idea, URL, image, thought in one place. That should work as your second brain where you can keep all that comes to your mind, and you could search any of that data with ease.

You can save the digital data on your phone and make a note about the same in your notebook. You should always be ready to write anything which you feel can be used later.

ideas notebook for bloggers

Don’t trust the instinct of “I don’t have to write it down, I will remember it.”

Making notes will always make you love what you do as you can look for yourself, with evidence, how many great ideas you come up with.

Random thought while taking a walk could make you wonder, will the people like this idea? “Save bees, save Earth” could this make people click on the blog? Are people struggling with the new features of Instagram and if they are should I make a guide for them?

All these ideas and thoughts have blog potential to them, and even the purpose of helping your audience, which is the number one priority, can be seen here. Such ideas must have a place for themselves in an organized draft format.

You could use Evernote which is a free tool just for this purpose; you can save any type of data in it like written quotes, images, URL, snaps of websites, videos, audios, etc.

Make use of the Evernote tool to make a mind palace for yourself which you can access anytime, anywhere.


11. Go for a Vacation

For most people, inspiration comes. Naturally, they have to be in the right place at the right time. Some others push themselves to write, but some just let the circumstances play themselves out. All these people need one thing in common, a break.

time and relax for bloggers

If you keep on writing and publishing, you are sure to exhaust yourself completely. So just listen to your mind and give it the rest it requires.

Your routine might not be monotonous still any type of work is sure to get on your nerves.

Vacations can also bring in more ideas and thoughts in your mind, which you can jot down whenever you want to use in the future.


12. Promote your Content

For some, this might be just another ‘task’ which they have to complete, but it does not have to be the same for you.

Promoting is the part where you see the potential in your work and decide to promote it with others as well. This activity is the real key to bringing in traffic and building a blog’s presence.

Happy blogging

As I said earlier, promoting your content is not an option for a blogger; it must be a crucial part of the whole process. It helps you to know what people think of your blog.

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Also, you can think of creative ways you can promote your blog. You can come up with unique campaigns for your blog to help growth and visibility. Interesting marketing campaigns are always exciting and worth giving efforts to without feeling a drag and boredom even for a moment.


Final Thoughts

Any work you do will require hard work and passion for achieving, but this does not mean that it will take all the fun away from work.

Bloggers are known to present art in the form of written content. You are now a part of that culture. Feel happy with what you wrote because someone else surely is happy with it.

You have a sense of responsibility now, your audience wants help, and you can help them, guide them while learning and enjoying yourself.

Blogging is one of the jobs which can satisfy you in every possible way, your work is recognized, and you are praised for it and also given feedback on what you can improve in. You just have to go through the intense hard work first.

What are your thoughts on the ways which can make your blogging journey fun and at the same time, keep it interesting and productive without losing focus?

Do let me know how else you make your blogging more effective and fun at the same time by commenting on your thoughts down below!

Do share the blog if you found it useful!

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