How To Write An Epic About Me Page For Your Blog

How To Write An Epic About Me Page

For any individual’s blog, the ‘About Me’ page acts as a gateway. If we consider the ‘contact’ page as an exit gate, then ‘About Me’ is an entry gate for your blog. As one of the most popular pages, it compels your blog’s readers or visitors to come to your blog frequently. If you are about to write the ‘About Me’ page content for the first time or want to rewrite it, you need to make sure that it becomes an excellent one.

Okay. Here we give you some handy tips to make an epic ‘About Me’ page.

Keep the audience in the center

Let’s start with the most obvious factor in your blog, your audience. Whenever it comes to design your blog or writing content for it, you must keep the audience in your mind.

Though we call it the ‘About Me’ page, you need to write it about them. It may sound confusing, but in simple terms, you should put your leg into their shoes to understand their expectations and needs. You can ask yourself some questions like- ‘Who is my target audience? What will they expect from my blog? What should I provide them when they visit my blog? Etc.


You need to find out answers to all these questions before writing the ‘About Me’ page. Suppose, your blog is dedicated to investment and financial planning, and you want your target audience to know what they can find from your website. You can start with the line– ‘The ‘Investment Mantra’ is a blog dedicated to financial planning and investment for a better tomorrow.’

Whenever someone will visit your website while looking for investment options, they will quickly know how your website can assist them. On the other hand, a clear ‘About Me’ content can indicate other visitors to switch to other websites.

In our example, visitors that seek information related to getting loans or credit cards will not enter into your website by seeing ‘About Me’ content at first. In a way, you can address and attract the exact audience from the first sentence of your ‘About Me’ page.

Show your blog’s uniqueness

You’ve explained everything about your blog or website in the beginning. Now, it’s time to show why your blog or website is unique. In other words, you need to describe the plus points of your blog. You can mention the factors that set your website apart from other available websites. It is necessary for you to give your audience a reason to bookmark your page and visit it frequently.

You can write- Veteran financial planners and expert investors have shared their thoughts and experiences in our articles. We not only give you useful tips for investment but also provide you end-to-end financial management services by keeping your requirements in mind. You can find a link to reliable sources for online investment at the bottom of every blog. Apart from this, you can mention the creativity or informative value of your blog in a line or two.

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You can clearly write at the end that the ‘Investment Mantra’ can easily meet your financial planning requirements and you can get the step-by-step information for secure and profitable financial planning in this blog. Not every investment blog can give you such useful information in a simple yet straightforward way.

Show them direction

After showing your blog’s uniqueness, the time is right to show your audience the right direction. A new visitor should know where to go from here in your blog. You can include recommendations to make everything easy for the new user or visitor. Give a list of popular posts or direct them toward a specific page that can be highly useful for them.

blogging for business

You can write- Before you get started, please go through these ‘Must Read’ blogs.

Once you’ve had the chance to read these blogs, just don’t forget to utilize our interactive investment calculator that gives you an amount for investment on a monthly basis after considering all the factors.

Your introduction

So, you have done your job pretty well until here. You have introduced your blog, showed its uniqueness, and indicated the direction to the target audience. Now, it’s time to introduce yourself. Let your audience admires you for making an appealing ‘About Me’ page and excellent website with necessary features.

You can tell your life story in brief here and let people know what compelled you to develop this website. It is even better to enable visitors to know more about you. It can give them a sense of confidence and they feel more connected with you.


Extra Tip– Include only relevant points in your story. Your readers are not interested in knowing every detail of your life.

Photos can work wonders

Add more visuals

While creating an appealing ‘About Me’ page, it’s great if you show your face. The audience wants to know who you are and your photograph will meet this demand. You can also share some photos of your workspace. People just love to know the origin of this website and the inclusion of photos can give them confidence that you are a real human being with whom they can interact.

Stay connected

Finally, you need to stay connected with your audience. You can do so either by using social media or inviting subscription through email address, or both. It is always beneficial to give links to your company’s Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram accounts along with an option for an email list. You should open every door to your readers to stay connected.

Here is an example.

Connect on Social Media

That’s it for now. We have started with the blog’s introduction and ended with social media details. In brief, you’re ‘About Me’ page has everything necessary to attract the target audience and your website will be benefitted. Now, you can publish your epic ‘About Me’ page!

Concluding Lines

The ‘About Me’ page tells your story. An epic ‘About Me’ page can serve many of your purposes while conveying your mission and vision effectively. I hope these tips will help you come up with an excellent ‘About Me’ page for your blog or website.

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