How to Increase Traffic on Your WordPress Blog Easily?

How to Increase Traffic on WordPress Blog

How to get more readers on your blog is what any blogger struggle with during their blogging journey.

Creating good content is one thing but getting people to read is a totally different story.

The reason most of the bloggers face this problem is that they go all in when it comes to blog writing by giving their 100 percent and then sits back and wait for their millions of readers to magically show up. (we all know how that ends!)

There are lots of other things that you need to work around to increase your blog traffic, and that is what we are going to talk about here.

All these tips and solutions are well tested and proven to yield results with traffic boosters on your WordPress blog.

So, without any further ado, let jump in! Shall we?

Make Your Blog SEO Friendly

I am sure you would have come across the word “SEO” on lots of places. This is one of the most important aspects when it comes to driving traffic. Search engine optimization does not only drive traffic, but the best part about it is that you get organic traffic.

Increasing visitors on post using SEO

Making your blogs rank on search engines and popping up on keyword searches is what SEO is all about.

When your website is well optimized, you get more organic traffic through better search engine rankings results and thus you will get the more people visiting your website and reading your blog.

Here’s how you can do it:

Meta Title and Description: The meta title and description is the one which is displayed in the search results.

The meta title and description should be short and should contain at least one or two targeted keywords.

I would recommend using the Yoast SEO plugin for this as it can make this task for you like a cake walk.

Create Tags and Categories: The tags and categories are great to organize your blogs, but they can be helpful in optimization as well. Remember not to bombard your posts with tags, as it might make you look like a spammer. Use of 4-5 tags is good.

Internal Linking: Internal linking is a good practice when done in moderation. Providing contextual links with good references within your blog will help users with more detail on the same topic and thus making them stay longer on the website.

Improve the Content Quality

Content is King – Bill Gates, 1996

This quote still holds its valve even after 22 years.

There is no debate in this as whatever tip or tactic you may apply if your content is not up to the mark, you will not get results you are expecting.

Increasing visitors on post by content quality

The motive of the user coming on your blog is to learn something or to entertain themselves. You need to understand the problem of your visitors and then craft the blog accordingly.

If your content is good enough to meet their expectations, you can look forward to them visiting again. Besides this, satisfied customers do the sharing for you online as well as offline which in return gives you more traffic faster.

Try to add more value to your blogs by adding visual data aids such as infographics, videos, and even images. Doing this keeps the viewers engaged and retains lost interest as well.

You can also try doing variations in your content such as tutorials or how to blogs, interviews, and event-related articles. Having mixed but related posts create diverse content and give you a chance to experiment with new ideas.

Choose Title Carefully

The title is equally important as the blog. Your title is the first piece of information with which your user interacts and make up their mind to click or not. If your title is not attractive enough, the user might not even read your article no matter how good it is.

Increasing visitors on post by giving proper titles

Regarding SEO, make sure that the title covers the targeted keywords so that it helps you in getting better positions on search engines as well.

Do make the title attractive and catchy enough to convince the user to click on it and read more about it. A catchy title is important but remember; it should be a perfect representation of your blog.

You cannot have a title like “10 promotion techniques that shook down Google Adsense” unless you actually have a proper list of techniques that did shake down Google Adsense with a proper proof to back up that data. Having impressive titles but mediocre content will only ricochet your incoming traffic.

Blog Regularly

You can’t have a single or a few blogs and expect many visitors and for that matter having a lot of blogs is not the key here as well. The key here is to blog regularly not to forget doing that too while maintaining the quality.

Increasing visitors on post by blogging regularly

The important thing to pay attention to here is the regularity. Being regular does a lot and goes a long way too as it helps in retaining the users and keeps them engaged as well.

Set a frequency for your blog at which you are comfortable. Do keep in mind, frequency does not mean posting too frequently but a pace at which you will be posting while maintaining the quality.

If you are serious about this, try to avoid taking unexpected long breaks on your blog and maintain that frequency.

Make sure you are churning out quality content regularly and giving more fresh content to your readers.

Use a Professional Blog Design

Presentation matters. Period.

Imagine having the most elegant dinner out there but in a broken stinky old restaurant and on the other hand, having a regular tomato soup at a hill station with a spectacular view. You know what would you rather go for. 🙂

Having good content is one thing, but if you are not able to present it in a well-designed manner, then it is of no use. There are thousands of excellent free and premium themes out there which you can go with but if you do not know how to code then customizing your theme can be an issue.

Use a Professional Blog Design

What to do in that case?

I’ll suggest thinking a little further than just a theme. If your blog is not good looking or does not look the way you want, then you can easily customize it with the Blog Designer plugin.

With this tool, you can change the way your blog looks and gain control over every minute detail of your WordPress blog and give it the WOW factor.

Try Using Blog Designer WordPress Plugin

There are two versions of this tool – Free and Premium. Without a doubt, the premium version does come with more powerful options, but if you are trying it out, you can start with the free version. Once you are familiar with this, you can upgrade the plugin to the premium one anytime.

Increasing visitors on post by good post design

You can choose from pre-designed templates and can take them further with your customization. You can literally change almost every aspect of the design with the customization options given in the settings ranging from a margin to the whole template.

No matter how you design your blog, make sure it is neat and clean and must have a proper spacing with ease of reading. Another great trick to make your visitors stay is to add related blogs at the end of the blog as it helps in retaining the users by showing useful stuff that you have to offer.

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Embrace the Power of Social Media

In today’s era, having an excellent social media presence does a lot more than you can imagine. It is not just about the presence, having well managed social profiles helps in fetching more visitors and keeping them updated regarding your blog and updates.

Increasing visitors on post via Social media

You can bring in the auto-sharing social media tools to make your job easier of keeping social accounts active.

Also, decide which social platform is the best for you when it comes to your blog specifically. If you have a travel blog, any photo sharing platform, such as Instagram, would do and in case you are running a news blog, Twitter should be your first choice.

That’s just one part of the social media where you will be sharing the content. What if your readers want to share your awesome work?

You should have your blog ready for that as well. Having a social sharing plugin will take care of this. There are multiple social sharing plugins out there which you can use with your website to incorporate sharing options. Make sure they are not too flashy and should not ruin the overall user experience of the visitors.

Interact with Your Readers

This goes beyond sharing your articles and posts on social platforms. If you are getting comments on your blog, reply to those comments. Doing this adds a personal touch to your blog, and the user feels the sense of importance that everyone craves.

Increasing visitors on post by interacting

If you are getting good reviews, then thank the user for the kind words and take the opportunity and redirect them to other similar blogs that they might be interested in.

On the other hand, if you are getting negative reviews, do not jump the gun and try to get back at them. Constructively take their responses and learn from what they have to say. Every negative review you’ll get has a lot more to teach you than the positive one.

Not just on the blog. If you are getting mentioned anywhere on the social media platforms, respond to the messages and mentions you get there. Also, if you have not added a contact page, it is time to do it now. It will be helpful in accepting business inquiries as well.

Add a Newsletter Subscription Form

You might have already done it, but it does mark its spot on the list. Having a newsletter signup form gives your users an option to stay connected with your blog, and on the other hand, it gives you an address where you can reach them whenever you have something new share.

Increasing visitors on post by newsletter

You should make sure that your newsletter signup looks good and should not be forced on the visitors all over the website.

The best thing about E-newsletters in that they allow you to grow your relationship with the users by sending personalized and creative emails. Do keep in mind that whatever you will share should be useful and interesting at the same time.

Analyse Your Blog’s Performance

Analysis can help you in telling a lot about how your blog is doing. Analytical solutions such as Google Analytics are perfect for this. Without any fuss, you can check which article is your best performing or which keyword is working for you. You can even check how many visitors your blog is receiving every day.

Increasing visitors on post by analytics

If you want to learn more about your users, you can check their demographics such as the language they speak, the country and even the device they use to access your website. This will help you in understanding your current marketing techniques and what changes you need to make there.

Start Promoting Your Blog

Promotion is what it all boils down to, right? If you have a promotion budget, you can grow your presence by paid advertising and other paid services with good conversion rate and results. But on the other hand, if you do not have a promotion budget, it is not the end of the world.Increasing visitors on post by promotion

There are multiple other promotional methods you can bring to use. One of these methods is guest blogging. By writing articles for high quality or even average websites, you can grow the presence of your blog to a much greater extent. Regarding SEO, your blog link in your bio on other websites will also boost your search engine rankings.

Other than guest blogging, another great way to do promotion is through blog commenting. It is a well-used technique that many bloggers still use to promote their blogs. There are many resources which can help you with understanding more about blog commenting. But when you are doing it, make sure you are posting a personalized comment on the blogs. The readers should be able to relate and it should not be just another copy-pasted comment.

Find out what’s working for you and do more of it!

Testing is what you should never stop when it comes to increasing visitors. If you want significant results, you have to undertake new techniques and strategies depending on the fast-moving environment and implement the same and see their performance on the blog.

Go ahead and give these techniques a test run on your blog and I am sure you will definitely see improvement in the traffic. 🙂

Which technique did you like the most? Tell us by commenting it down below!

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