20+ Excellent Blog Post Ideas for Endless Blogging

Excellent Blog Post Ideas

Blog popularity is increasing rapidly, and its benefits are still excessive. A blog is a significant thing for each kind of expert business. The internet and web development has become noticeable in our lives. So, the advantages of blogging or establishing a website become impossible to ignore.

In this digital world, blogging is the best activity that anyone can undertake. Blogging is the ultimate solution for personal and professional growth. Blogging has many new possibilities, mainly because a blog can be seen by anyone in the universe.

Blogging is getting to be mainstream, and every blogger is searching for imaginative approaches to promote their content and drive traffic. The main thing about content marketing is that several techniques and tricks you need to follow to get the visitors to promote your blog.

Are you wondering how to boost your blog or what do you need to blog about that encourage the readers to read your blog? I have some mind-blowing ideas about different writing styles that help you to make your website or blog popular.

1. Personal Narrative

A personal narrative style is like essay writing or about the true story. These blog helps to show the readers your personal experience and also might give some practical advice. This type of blog may not be the keyword related but, they are still valuable additions to your blog. Sharing personal stories, it can also directly relate to your business on a personal level that helps you to build your brand effectively.

Story Timeline Blog Template

You can start your personal story with this astonishing Story Timeline Blog Template. It is an easy and quick way to share your story to the world with an attractive layout.

2. Listicles


Listicles style is one best blog type that provides valuable content to the readers. A Listicle is an article presented in the form of a list. It is easy to learn and implement. Listicles are an astonishing form of content for any brand who craves to drive traffic moreover promotion of the blog. Listicles has a number of heading that completely attracts the reader to read further. This type of blog contains internal links to your website for detail explanation that looks good to search engines. Listicles blog easily showcase your expertise.

Google love listicles type of blog because it has subheading and full of keywords that you or your business helps to rank high in internet searches. Listicle blog itself has pros & cons because some people say it is lack of quality. But, I think listicle is the best blog style because it gives you another way to express yourself or your business in a creative way.

This article is a sound example for listicles blog 50+ Best Rated Multipurpose WordPress Themes From ThemeForest.

3. How-To Article

How to blog style is a good way to provide instructions to your valuable readers. This type of article is the best way to help your blog readers to solve a specific problem. It is relatively easy to write, but you have to plan your blog thoughtfully. ‘How to guides titles’ reveal how your target audience uses search engines.

People usually hate reading instruction manuals, that’s why when you write this type of blog you have to study about your reader’s requirement. Keep your blog simple and straightforward to follow.

Best Example: How to Launch A Self-hosted WordPress Blog in Few Minutes

4. Beginners Guides

Beginners Guides style post is continuously popular because beginners in any industry are anxious to know and learn more and more. It helps to meet beginner’s requirements and provide great content for your website. It encourages SEO because this type of blog has different terms for an explanation.

Beginners guides become very successful and it generates organic search traffic. It is always an important part of the newbies.

Here, is the best example: Beginner’s Guides to WordPress User Roles and Permissions.

5. FAQ [Frequently Asked Questions]


The FAQ blog style is another excellent post that is considering beginner’s bloggers. This type of blog post is the best for addressing common questions to your visitors and grouped under a specific topic. eCommerce website or any other website which has customer interaction can create an FAQ page. You can gather great content that might help your SEO. Google algorithm also uses FAQs as a part of its knowledge.

6. Interviews


An interview-style blog is a fascinating post when any author interviews to an interesting person to share a specific story or expertise.

It is a great way of building relationships with the industry experts or influencers you have an interview. This type of blog helps to gain knowledge from a professional.

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7. Product Reviews

Product review is the best and trusted resource for an online business to drive traffic. It can generate a revenue stream for bloggers. Nowadays, everyone notice product reviews before purchasing. Because it helps your website and your customers to take the right decision. If any bloggers want to monetize your blog, then you can write a blog and link it with products pages through affiliate links.

8. Product Releases or Updates

This type of blog required mostly for the website, that usually releases new products or updates their products. This type of blog helps its customers to get updated on the latest products. This is another technique that drives more traffic to your website. The main thing about this type of blog is, it helps you to create your blog post as a Countdown to the product launch.

Found, the best example: Avartan Slider Introduces A Wide Variety Of New Features & Options.

9. Infographic

The Infographic post is the current trend. The infographic helps to elevate your blog ranking and drive traffic. The Infographic is easily sharable and generates links as embedded code. It is a great way to visualize your content with the proper format and different visual tips. It is easy to read and grab the instant attention of visitors. It is fun to read, and everyone loves infographics.

10. Funny Stories


This type of post is usually helpful for publishing during holidays, end of the week or day. This funny post is not necessary that it is related to your normal blog. This type of post creates humorous on social networks. You can create this type of blog purely for fun.

11. Industry News

This is the best blog style that usually delivers infinite traffic to your website because current affairs or latest trends which are relevant for your website immense influence on your readers. Normally, everyone is eager to know about the latest trends so writing a blog on the latest niche promotes your website in no time.

12. Current Events

Blogging about current events is an excellent way to motivate beginners while they are beginning. There are tons of resources available on a daily basis that everyone looking forward. Current events have a better aspect of the future world.

13. Video Blogs

Video Blogs

Video Blogs or Vlogging has become more popular in this current scenario. Instead of writing blogs, now everyone prefers to post a video blog. It will easily attract viewers. Vlogging gives you the best way of discussing a lot of content with relatively easy and short time.

14. Twitter Post

Twitter is the best platform who are passionate about microblogging. People and companies are recklessly tweeting about launches, new ideas, and promotional events. You can just gather popular tweets and share your thoughts. Twitter can be a great support for Bloggers.

15. Local News

Local News is another way of writing the blog about local news around you. This type of blog can be helpful to run a business that works in the community.

16. Gallery & Album Post

A Gallery and album post is a simple and easy post with a compilation of images. It is a tutorial for readers that gives information from images. This type of blog is quite suitable for photographers who want to showcase their images.

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17. Recipe

Recipe blog style is easily attracting the readers. Starting a recipe blog is perfect for a food connoisseur. But, it is quite a difficult task and requires specific skills & strategy. If you are giving precise measurements and attractive cooking instructions, it’s great for readers and helps to SEO also.

18. Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have gained substantial worldwide attention. VR/AR based user interface can bring potential transformation to interact with employees and customers. You can easily write a blog about trending technology and easily get huge traffic.

19. Internet of Things

Internet of Thing seems to be buzzing everywhere. IoT experts write a blog about it to bring more awareness of this new technology. If you are choosing to write the blog about IoT, you should have mastery of this subject. Because there are so many individuals in the industry who are expecting the things are going on in this field.

20. Talk About Success & Failures

To write about success and failures about yourself, it is not an easy task because no one can be honest with their failure. Blogger can write their success and failure story in such a way that readers will inspire from your narrative.

21. Recycle Old Posts

Last but not least, if you have numbers of blog posts to your website then you can update or enhance your popular blogs. You can easily analysis from Google Analytics, that gives you a proper idea that which post has been the most successful. The updated blog post will be more popular with the new information. It is one of the great ideas to get more traffic from your old posts.

Final Words:

If you are going to change your writing style, then you can choose any from above-mentioned blog style that drives more traffic to your website. I love to hear from you guys how this blog helped you. Please share your thoughts in comments.

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