How to De-Register License Key with Blog Designer Pro Plugin

There may be a case when you have first used ‘Blog Designer Pro’ plugin with your staging server and you have registered your key with your staging server.

Now when you move your site to live server, you need to deregister your license key with staging server before registering with your live server. At a time license key can be used in one site only.

Follow below steps to deregister License key from your staging server.

Go to admin side of your WordPress site (Staging Server). Then click on menu ‘License Key’ under ‘Blog Designer’ section.

Then click on ‘Register Product’ tab on this page. You will get one form to register/de-register License Key.
Click on ‘Deregister License’ button to deregister License Key with current site.


NOTE: If you have not deregistered your license key with staging site and your staging site is no more available, then create support ticket at . We will help you.