Archive and single page support

Blog Designer PRO is the most useful and lovable WordPress plugin for all blog lovers. They are using it for starting a new section as a blog with the website, sharing fashion, new technology ideas and much more. Now, we have a strong showcase list of our most successful product. Here is a free set of 350+ themes patches for Blog Designer Pro plugin.

Let’s move on to the question of why this archive and single page support is required..? Every premium and free WordPress theme providers are publishing theme on regular basis and with own frameworks. So, sometimes it’s not possible to fit with the theme structure and to make it compatible with Blog Designer PRO plugin archive and single post layouts.

For example, the theme provides a sidebar within main post content area instead of the total different section with content area and then if you will apply single post settings with Blog Designer PRO plugin then it may mess up your current single post design.

So we’ve decided to resolve this issue permanently. We are inspired by a WooCommerce and implemented a template override feature with the Blog Designer PRO plugin. Just duplicate your correct theme file, put it under the required “bdp_templates” folder, and enjoy your newly designed date/category/tag/author/search archive pages and for the single post/article page also.

Our team has started working on some of the popular themes and we are now able to launch 350+ theme patches on our “Knowledgebase” section.

If you can not able to find your theme patch file from the Knowledgebase section please create a support ticket at our support portal with your theme name and theme zip. We will add that support and will update this knowledgebase again with your theme listing.