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Bee Volunteer

Bee Volunteer is committed to providing travelers with a unique travel experience. With unique travel modes and content, they bring different memorable memories to travelers.


Tanja Stojic is born in 1987. and her love for fashion and aesthetics was in her since early age. From sewing dresses for her favorite dolls to her own fashion brand. But, before all that, her life was pretty interesting. She lived in New York City and was also a flight attendant which led her…


badacare is the first network in Italy of family carers with experience and references To guarantee the quality of the network, our staff is made up of professionals in the care sector and Human Resources experts.


AUTOMATED OPERATIONAL, MARKETING, AND ENGAGEMENT SOLUTIONS FOR YOUR BRAND, VENUE, AND GUESTS Routier provides hospitality entities with unparalleled AI Operations and Marketing solutions (via seamless guest engagement) founded on guest-centric and staff-centric methodologies to improve brand reputation, optimize venue and staff performance, increase guest satisfaction and loyalty, and maximize yield by meeting and exceeding every…

Integrity Homebuyers

Today, Integrity Homebuyers offers you a reliable home buying team of cash buyers and certified advisers, with over 20 years of experience. We strive to help the homeowners we encounter and offer a truly simple and stress-free selling solution. As we grow as a company, we developed a network of capital partners, that allow us…

Writing Doozy

Writing Doozy Is All About Helping Beginner Freelance Writers Find Success. If you want to attract visitors and grow your revenue you MUST employ search engine optimization. If you’re looking for freelance writing and blogging tips, Check this site’s blog. You’ll find it very resourceful.


Aspenmed’s goal is excellence in service. For this, we have a wide structure with state-of-the-art equipment and a highly qualified medical team. We attend to agreements and individuals in various medical specialties.


PRORED Communications S.L. is a national telecommunications operator for the business and residential market under its own network. Founded in 1997 in Valencia, it is one of the few companies in the Levant that has managed to maintain and grow in a sector as demanding as the Spanish market for connectivity and Internet access. With…

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