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Refreshing Drinks

Make the most of the warm weather this summer with these complementary refreshing drinks! Sit poolside, lakeside, oceanside or even just on your back patio with these delicious summer beverages. All of these refreshing drinks are non-alcoholic, but feel free to add your own favorite adult twist. Make up a pitcher of some of our…

Ice Cream

Ice cream is a very cold sweet food made from frozen cream or a substance like cream and has a flavor such as vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry. 10 fact about ice cream 1.It takes 12 pounds of milk to produce just 1 gallon of ice cream. 2.The average number of licks to finish a scoop…

French Macarons

French macarons are sweet and perfect for birthday parties, bridal showers, family events, weddings, and baby showers. Their bite-sized nature, bright colors, and tempting textures make them hard to resist. Made with meringue, sugar, and almond flour, these cookies have a crunchy exterior and a soft filling, typically made of a ganache, buttercream, or jam.…

Dark Chocolate

2 Proven Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate Dark chocolate is loaded with nutrients that can positively affect your health. Made from the seed of the cacao tree, it’s one of the best sources of antioxidants you can find. 1. Very nutritious If you buy quality dark chocolate with a high cocoa content, then it’s quite…

Cup Cakes Are Love

A cupcake is a small, sweet baked good topped with frosting. You might bake cupcakes for your best friend’s birthday. When you make cupcakes, you mix up cake batter and instead of baking it in large pans, pour it into the small, paper-lined indentations in a cupcake or muffin pan. Some people prefer cupcakes to…

Happy Birthday

Celebrating a person’s birthday is important because it shows the person you’re thinking of them and in turn, they feel valued by you. Wishing someone a happy birthday is an easy way to create a positive experience between you and others. It also helps you build your reputation. Birthdays are a special time of year.…
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